Since Cannabis plants are either male or female, seeds are naturally produced when the pollen from the mature male plant comes into contact with the sticky pollen receiving hairs on the female plant called pistols. The concern with breeders of high end strains is that the plants produced from this couple may show or hide any number of different traits that the parents have. This is especially true if the two parent plants come from different genetic lines. Only so many traits will be expressed in any given plant, so nature has devised a unique way of ensuring diversity while simultaneously retaining the strength of the species. It does this by providing the majority of the offspring produced by seed with dominant traits, traits that have been defining characteristics of the plant for thousands of years. These are the traits which have helped it survive the chaos of the natural environment. For instance, if a particular strong fruity smell attracted an insect which would then come and eat all the leaves, the only plants that would be left standing in that environment would be plants who had less or no strong fruity smell. In the protected conditions of an indoor grow or a controlled outdoor grow this, now hidden trait might pop back up from in one out of one hundred seeds. When this new expression of a strong fruity smell is noticed by a grower this plant can now be isolated, breed, cloned or induced to produce feminized seeds so that the trait will not go back into the vault of recessive traits. To induce a female plant to create feminized seeds, a grower will stress all or part of the plant. When a female plant is stressed in just the right way it will actually start to produce pollen. Hidden deep within the genetic tool box of this amazing plant is also the ability for a female plant to fertilize itself under stress to ensure the continuation of the species.